Welcome to T’Mimei Lev’s ‘A Night of Appreciation’

Each year T’Mimei Lev holds a dinner to showcase the achievements of the past year. This year we’re doing it differently.

Over the past twenty years, Rabbi Moshe Kupetz has been a central feature to our school. Not only has he chaired nearly every dinner we have had, but he has constantly supported the school with invaluable advice at each step. We thought it was time to give back and show our appreciation for the amazing dedication he has shown to T’Mimei Lev.

The success of school is down to many people – our staff, governors, founders etc, though without the input of Rabbi Kupetz we could not have achieved the amazing heights we’ve reached.

We invite you to join us on Monday 11th November for ‘A Night of Appreciation’ – a gala dinner where we have the opportunity to celebrate our achievements and demonstrate our appreciation to Rabbi Kupetz for his support, inspiration and dedication to our school

Tickets are available via our dinner hotline at a price of £180/couple or £100/ticket, or look at our advertising opportunities including tickets

We look forward to joining you at what is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable evening which features musical entertainment by the one and only Avraham Fried together with the Asaf Flumi Orchestra

Thank you for your support

Call our Dinner Ticket Hotline 0161 773 0839

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